Our Custom Rustic Furniture

Having a job that allows you to use your passion is a dream. For years, we have brought our love for the custom rustic to those all over the country. We might have lost track as to how many that is, but we can promise, they were all built to the inch. We love that our tables are best sellers. Why?

Because that's where the family meets, and like a family, rustic wood means impossible to replicate. We enjoy knowing that we are bringing something to the homestead, or cabin, that brings others together.  All good times happen around the camp or kitchen table! That's just as much of the adventure as the gear we need while we are out there. So is the cozy feel of the rest of the house/camp. We thank those who have invited us into their homes, and can't wait for those to come!

For quoting details contact: averypeakoutdoors@outlook.com