The year of the Heritage Buck

The year of the Heritage Buck

What a year... But, what a great way to wrap up a busy year by enjoying the fall season in the backcountry! We had an average preseason with plenty of bird hunts and scouting. Miles and miles were searched for the elusive Ruffed Grouse, known as "Partridge" or "Wood Chicken". Few were found in comparison to previous years. The summer's heat was hanging on to the bitter end after a very wet summer and made bird hunting a challenge. But, we still managed to get the game cameras out, did some scouting, and checked for sign. Anticipation is building...


Every year, I schedule 10 days or so, that I will designate to camp during the deer season. I send out private invitations to our camp members and a few special invitations to those who would like a name on the membership roster. Is there an official roster? Not in the literal sense, but there is. These invitations are sent around July/August to which they will return RSVPs. We only have 4 beads at camp and that can be a crowd with all of the extra gear needed for hunting season. This gives the crew enough time for work notification and family planning for the big hunt.

A few years ago, we started using the power of audio and video to share the stories of camp. Thus "Camp Stories" was born and has become an equally exciting part of camp. No secrets are given and location is kept private, but it is a great way to share our experiences. I appreciate the crew going along with it as well and feel that it will be great to look back on years down the line. I sure hope that the next generation will continue and enjoy it as well!


Generations... This is what comes to mind every time I step in the woods. I love the thoughts that go through my mind when I think of the family that has passed on. I'll wonder if they ventured into a certain area or what their day was like back when or even when the last person was up on a particular ridge. I think about their old wools, long walks, tough drags, and cold temps. I hang on to it and it's my way to connect with them all. I grew up with a single mother and never went hunting with my grandfather or any other family member for that matter. I had a good friend Steve who had shown me how to hunt years ago in short bursts. A couple of days a season is fractional compared to many, however, I am very grateful. To catch up, I've done a lot of studying, reading, watching videos, and of course, field trials and tribulations. Oh, and how I have #&^$#*# a few hunts... I have FAR more mistake hunts than successful ones! BUT, over the last few years, it's been coming together. To harvest a nice buck in an area so remote, where generations of family have grown, is very special to me. I know some Ol Fellas that would be proud. My hope, is that we're adding to something special as our ancestors did for so many years. I also hope that those after us will look back and feel the same. Anyway, I digress...

The last few years of our revitalized tradition have been great! We rekindled the deer camp vibes after a long hiatus. Five years ago, we reopened up camp and started from scratch. "If you don't know where to start, go back to the beginning" and that is exactly what we did. We set out cameras, hiked the grounds, and studied maps. We trekked out, got cold, wet, tired, sore, and loved every minute of it. The food at camp is second to none and the drinks are plentiful. My fiancee Ashley, Ripley, and cousin-in-law Garrett have played an intricate part in the revitalization. Kyle joined us two years ago and has been a pleasure at camp. Shawn has helped with many projects at camp throughout the last several years and joined us for the first time this year for deer season, I think he's hooked now as well. 


The heritage of the camp is alive and well. People come together to celebrate so much more than the harvest. Camp.

I hope that you will jump on our YouTube channel and check out our previous hunts, "Camp Stories." I was very fortunate to harvest a beautiful buck this year and it was dedicated as the "Heritage Buck". For those who come to camp and continue the laughs. The mount will be ready for the next hunt. Thank you to the crew, you are all special to me.

Looking forward to next year, stay sighted my friends.


Will S.

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